November 3rd, International day against violence and bullying at school including cyberbullying

Eight (8) years ago,  18 entities founded the European Antibullying Network, an innovative network  established to bring together knowledge, expertise, experience and methodologies to inform a European approach.  The ultimate goal is to raise awareness of effective tools and programs that positively address the bullying phenomenon throughout  Europe.  We recognise that bullying is one of the greatest threats to the educational and personal development of our children, not just our children but society as a whole.


We have proactively contributed to increasing awareness of the issues by advocating for change, providing guidance for teachers, students, parents and the whole school community through fostering anti-bullying research and education.  We have developed strategies, shared tools and experiences, but we recognise there is so much more to do. This is why our commitment remains stronger than ever, and we continue with determination and passion to build a future in which European schools can be a place whereby children can receive an education, develop their personality, free from coercion, fear, isolation, or any other form of violence.