Flemish Anti-Bullying Network

The ‘Vlaams Netwerk Kies Kleur tegen Pesten’ (Flemish Anti-Bullying Network) is an umbrella organization started up in 2004. The network is a voluntary based co-operation between about 20 organizations. This network includes NGO’s (mostly teacher training organizations), institutes, parents-, youth work- and welfare organizations that have expertise on the topic of bullying.

The network has 3 main goals:

  • Sensitizing (general, education field, parents etc) by using different communication channels (website, brochures, interviews, flyers, media campaign)
  • Advising (policy makers, press, schools, parents, movie makers, scenarists, teacher training departments, researchers, department and ministry of education, sports, youth and media)
  • Stimulating research by formulating/giving research questions to researchers at universities and university colleges and also by giving feedback in the advisory board of research projects.

On a yearly basis the network organizes the Flemish Week against (cyber) bullying. The network also contributes to the anti-bullying awards which are given to primary and secondary schools with high quality practices on bullying prevention and indicated actions against (cyber) bullying.