The Ottawa Catholic School Board’s school climate survey provides numbers on mental health and bullying in schools.

Survey of more than 4,700 teenagers reveals almost half think cyberbullying is a bigger issue than drug abuse among young people.

The article starts with the presentation of Ian Rivers[1]’ book “Homophobic bullying: research and theoretical perspectives”[2], which presents the results of over 40 years of r

Irish Examiner, 22 Sep 2015, Ireland 

BBC, 18 Sep 2015, UK

You've spent a long day at school - negotiating the corridors, keeping quiet in lessons, hiding in the toilets at break - anything to avoid the bullies.


Express, June 2, 2015 

CHILDREN subjected to online bullying face severe depression and anxiety in later life, a leading psychiatrist has warned.

Young Celebrity Meredith O’Connor and “The Smile of the Child” are uniting forces against bullying

Athens, 31 March 2015

Twitter announced policy changes aimed at promoting safe discourse for users of the social network.