Law to fight cyberbullying approved by the Italian Senate

The Italian Senate approved almost unanimously (224 yes, 1 no and 6 abstentions) a law against cyberbullying in an important step to address the phenomenon and fill in the gap in legislation, still present in many other countries of the European Union.

This development becomes even more significant as the Italian Senate has objected the use of repressive measures and policies in favor of more rights, protection and prevention among children and the adults.

Concrete measures and operational tools for the enhancement of intervention strategies should now be promoted in Italy. Among others, the training of school staff, the certification of skills and the coordination of preventative initiatives should complement the implementation of the new legislation.

In addition, the promotion of an active role for the students through peer education approaches, the training of relevant “communities”, the provision of support measures and the constant education among children involved in the phenomenon should be among the main priorities of all actors. In this regard, the role of social media channels and awareness-raising play a very important role.

The improvement of prevention and the education of “communities” are important allies in the fight to promote positive role models, enhance the social and relational skills of young people and develop a more open and tolerant society.

For all these efforts, an amount of only 203.000 € for each of the years of 2017, 2018 and 2019 has been allocated.