Baobab Association was founded in 2001 by a team of experienced professionals in the field of training and research, and intending to develop systems and strategies for the development of human resources within organizations.

SEMPER –The Association for Equal Opportunities SEMPER is a non-government, non-party and non-profitable organization founded in 2002.

Centro Studi Villa Montesca is an institution developing and experimenting new didactical methods and pedagogic perspectives.

Children and Youth Trust Phone is an organization providing immediate emotional and psychological assistance to any child, teenager or youngster in need and works at the prevention level in schools.

La Asociación Cívica de Comunicación y Educación Sophia (ACCESO) es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro creada en Madrid en 2013 con el fin de promover el diálogo intercultural y los valores europeos a través de diversas actividades en el campo de la comunicación, la cultura y la comunicación.

The Spanish Confederation of Teaching Centres (CECE) is a non-profit employers´ organization founded in 1977 and represents an ample educational sector in Spain. It has branches all over the Autonomous Communities via Federations and Associations in numerous provinces of Spain.