The Diana Award

The Diana Award is a charity legacy to Princess Diana’s belief that young people have the power to change the world.

The Diana Award was established in 1999 by the British Government who wanted continue Princess Diana’s legacy by establishing a formal way to recognise young people who were going above and beyond the expected in their local communities. Too many young voices go unheard; our work strives to help elevate those voices onto a higher platform. Since then, we’ve had quite the journey but our core focus has remained the same, empowering young people to change the world.

In 2006 we became an independent charity, which enabled the Diana Award to develop into a fully-fledged youth-led movement. Five years later we launched our now world famous Anti-Bullying Programme and later, in 2012, our Mentoring Programme.

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign runs across four programmes with a strong peer-to-peer focus, which aim to change the attitude surrounding bullying both across the UK and beyond.