Online webinars on how to tackle bullying developed in the framework of the PREPEI (Protecting Enhancing Participating Educating Informing) project

Following the 4th project meeting, held on 22 of March 2018 in Bitola (North Macedonia), project partners of PREPEI decided to focus on Intellectual Output 6 – Webinars.

Webinar hosts presentations; lectures or seminars to help teach bullying prevention. It is one of the best way to expand knowledge by learning directly from the experts.

Webinar for professionals - Objectives:

•    to offer education on a specialized basis, through the organization of a series of webinars with regular intervals, rather than just one big event
•    to communicate to target group anti-bullying methodology, knowledge and expertise so that people interested in them are also interested in our solutions, methodologies.

Webinar for partners' staff will include 12 topics, 5 hours per day for 5 days, 12 webinars in total, each partner will run 2 webinars in his/ her country, empowering beneficiaries to intervene to prevent and stop bullying.

Webinars for professionals - Thematic Areas:

•    Understanding and intervening in bullying behavior (Definition and typology of bullying, Factors related to bullying, Prevention, The role of adults)
•    Establishing a positive school climate (The role of Karagiozis, the effectiveness of video as a pedagogical tool, Pedagogical value of Karagiozis)
•    Good practices dealing against bullying (Restorative justice, Peer mediation, Olweus approach)
•    How to deal against cyberbullying (Definition of cyberbullying, How to detect cyberbullying, Preventive measures)
•    How to involve parents in anti-bullying activities (Parenting, Communication, Volunteering, Learning at home, Decision-making)
•    Emotional intelligence (Self-awareness in feelings and emotions, Self-control in behaviours, Empathy, Assertiveness)
•    Conflict management (Understand the dynamics of human negotiation among conflicting interest groups and how to achieve mutual agreement, Active listening)
•    Confidence building (Believe in yourself and your abilities, Know your strengths and weaknesses, Set small goals and achieve them)
•   Diversity and intercultural understanding (Learn to respect human equality  on both a cognitive and emotional level, Gain intercultural awareness and respect, Learn to put oneself in other´s shoes)
•    Pedagogical approach and learning principles (Group dynamics and group rules, Multiple intelligences and learning styles)
•    Karagiozis: Creating a supporting classroom climate by learning how to use shadow heroes and video heroes (Shadow theater; facts and figures, The role of Karagiozis)
•    Domestic violence (definition, tips, abuse, coercive control)

Each project partner produced 2 videos based on the 2 PowerPoint presentations in English and 2 videos based on the PowerPoint presentations in national languages to make possible that the contents of the webinars can be reproduced online on Youtube here.

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