Ellinogermaniki Agogi organized an educational course on how to empower children and build safe school environments

Ellinogermaniki Agogi organized a summer course, which gave participants’ the opportunity to learn how to build students’ resilience,  psychological well-being, and psychosocial adjustment and also to enhance positive climate in their classrooms: 

The ultimate goal was to create a global support network of educators. It focused on the following outcomes:

-support and meet the emerging needs of students, teachers and all members of school communities, during the current socioeconomic conditions.

-create schools, where all students feel safe, welcomed, supported.

-improve students’ social and emotional skills, but also reinforce teacher – students’ relations.

-strengthen socioemotional skills and enhance learning, social and emotional engagement of all students.

-promote multicultural understanding, social justice, acceptance of diversity, and collaboration in schools at an international level.

The summer school took place from the 9th  to 14th  of July in Marathonas, within the framework of Pr.E.P.E.I. a project that develops material for the establishment of a supportive learning environment and teachers’ training on bullying.