The EAN Εscalating GIFs win gold and bronze medals at Clio Awards

The Clio Awards, one of the most esteemed international advertising, design and communications global competition have been acquired by Olgivy & Mather Berlin for the creation of Escalating GIFs on bullying and school violence. The GIFs were awarded the gold medal in the category of film and the bronze medal in the category of public relations and branded entertainment among international recognized brands and companies from across the globe.

The GIFs were produced in cooperation with the European Anti-bullying Network (EAN) in an effort to talk directly to children and young people through social media and were used as part of a pan-European Anti-bullying campaign that was organized under the aegis of the Network in March 2017.

The graphic creations featured what appears to be a "harmless" bullying action and were met with enthusiasm from young users and anti-bullying advocates from different countries. In Greece alone, the campaign reached more than 800.000 social media users as part of a national anti-bullying campaign of “The Smile of the Child” held on the occasion of the National School Anti-bullying Day on the 6th of March under the slogan “Speak Now”.

The “Escalating GIFs” were not shot with actors, but children of John Lennon High School in Berlin, many of which have previously experienced bullying themselves.

Watch the promo video spot of Escalating GIFs on EAN YouTube channel

Check the announcement of the winning prizes at Clio Awards website

The European Anti-bullying Network (EAN) would like to warmly thank the entire team of Olgivy & Mather Berlin for the excellent cooperation and support to its effort to raise awareness on the serious problem of bullying and school violence.