European AntiBullying Network - Newsletter January - May 2017

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“Escalating GIFs” raise awareness of bullying among teenagers in Europe


The European Anti-bullying Network (EAN) in cooperation with Ogilvy & Mather Berlin developed a new and interactive way to talk directly to children and young people about bullying by raising awareness and mobilizing the actors involved in the phenomenon through targeted national and EU-wide campaigns. Read more here.





The second NESET report on bullying presented at the European Parliament


The second NESET report on bullying in Europe was presented in January 2017 at the European Parliament. The report offers an extensive analysis of anti-bullying programs and strategies on school, community and governmental levels. NESET-II report also recommends integrating anti-homophobia in anti-bullying strategies as GALE, EAN’s member from the Netherlands, reports. Read more here





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EAN attends the World Anti-bullying Forum 2017 organized by FRIENDS


550 delegates and speakers from all over the world contributed to the first World Anti-Bullying Forum on May 7-9 in Stockholm. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia opened the Forum which aim was to broaden the understanding of bullying and other of forms of inhumane actions and violence among children and youth. During the Forum members of the EAN had the opportunity to participate and present the role of the network. Find out more here.






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On the occasion of the Safer Internet Day “The Smile of the Child” raises awareness among students in Greece


On the occasion of the 7th of February, Safer Internet Day, “The Smile of the Child” organized an interactive meeting with students in an effort to raise awareness on the risks and challenges for the online protection of children, as well as to provide useful tips regarding the protection of privacy of the young people. Read more here.





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Child Line from Lithuania and Friends from Sweden in partnership to prevent and tackle bullying


In an effort to enhance cooperation between Sweden and Lithuania on issues related to bullying prevention and safe internet, Child Line and Friends organizations signed a partnership agreement in the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius. Both Friends from Sweden and Child Line from Lithuania are active members of the European Anti-bullying Network. Read more here






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ISPCC Childline supported by the Vodafone Ireland Foundation launch Headbomz National Awareness Campaign and Schools’ Programme to Get Children Talking


ISPCC Childline in partnership with Vodafone Ireland Foundation today launches ‘Headbomz’, a slightly gory, massively squelchy and ultimately standout schools programme, as part of a national awareness campaign aimed at children aged eight to ten years, to remind them that ‘Talking Makes Us Stronger’. Read more here.





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How to create a happy school


Student anxiety about school assessments relates to how supported they feel by teachers and schools. That’s a key finding to emerge from a recently-released OECD report. According to the Educator, training can improve teachers’ bullying-intervention skills and their self-efficacy in working with students to prevent bullying. Read more here.





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National "Action Week WITHOUT BULLYING" organized in Lithuania


"Child Line" organized the 8th National "Action Week WITHOUT BULLYING" in Lithuania. This year “Action Week” brought together more than 1200 educational institutions from all over the country. The initiative was supported by the President of Lithuania, who visited “Child Line” and showed her attention to bullying problem. Famous musicians and basketball players also joined the “Action Week” and stood against bullying by participating in “Child Line’s” educational videos and events.





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Art against bullying


The ArtVSbullying initiative was held on 4 March 2017 in Ancona in Italy. The aim of the event was to celebrate Lucio Dalla one of the most important figures of the Italian music scene. Along with Mario Zamboni, Dalla supported the establishment of the first anti-bullying center in Marche Region in Italy– named “The Wind Foundation” in an effort to fight any form of discrimination, prevarication and violence through art. Read more here.






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Students take action against bullying by participating to a week of awareness and mobilization organized by “The Smile of the Child”


On the occasion of the 6th of March, National School Anti-bullying Day in Greece, “The Smile of the Child" implemented an awareness raising campaign under the coordination of the European Student Volunteer Network with the goal to mobilize students, parents and teachers across the country. Read more here.








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Law to fight cyberbullying approved by the Italian Senate


The Italian Senate recently approved almost unanimously a law against cyberbullying in an important step to address the phenomenon and fill in the gap in legislation, still present in many other countries of the European Union. Read more here.






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Friends implements safety initiative for schools in Hälsingland


Friends and Hälsinglands Sparbank have initiated a cooperation that enables a major initiative against bullying. All schools in the area of Hälsinglands Sparbank will be offered to undergo the three-year Friends Program to increase safety in school. Read more here.





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EAN was established in 2014 as a result of the respective EU-funded (Daphne III) project and was officially registered in Brussels in March 2015, while today it already comprises 21 members from 16 EU Member States (Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden and UK). The Presidency of the European Anti-Bullying Network is held by the Greek NGO “The Smile of the Child”.