Art against bullying

The ArtVSbullying initiative was held in Ancona on 4 March 2017 at the Auchan Conero Shopping Centre. The aim of the event was to celebrate Lucio Dalla (whose birthday was 4th March 1943), one of the most important figures of the Italian music scene.

Along with Mario Zamboni, Dalla supported the establishment of the first anti-bullying center in Marche Region in Italy– named “The Wind Foundation” in an effort to fight any form of discrimination, prevarication and violence through art. Art in all its forms - pictorial, visual, theater, music - is in fact a powerful and effective communication tool in the juvenile universe, able to spread positive messages.

The event was promoted by the Auchan Conero Shopping Centre and was organized in collaboration with the SANGIT Agency. It gave the opportunity to students of local schools and young people attending the youth center “Archi” in Ancona to produce short videos and convey their thoughts about bullying that serve as testimonials of a campaign against violence and discrimination, named “#arteVSbullismo”.

A choral event which involved different entities and actors, including the EAN member, Social Cooperative COOSS Marche and the association La STRADA di ERM, raised the interest of local bodies which appreciated this great initiative (Marche Region - Department Equal Opportunities, Municipality of Ancona – Department of Educational Policies, School Regional Office).

Today, the campaign against bullying continues: the videos produced by students were released on the Auchan Conero Shopping Center FB page and reached about 6000 visualizations in less than one week.

Watch the videos here.

A special thanks to the students of the Art School Mannucci of  Jesi, Volterra Elia Institute of Ancona and all the participants from the youth center Archi  for having joined the initiative.