2 - 9 March 2015, Week of Anti-bullying Mobilization by “The Smile of the Child”

“The Smile of the Child” which is chairing the European Anti-bullying Network (EAN), where 17 organisations from 12 EU Member States are currently participating, is raising awareness and mobilizing children and adults on the phenomenon of bullying.


The main goal of these activities is not only to inform on the phenomenon, but also to propose solutions in order to prevent and address this serious problem. 

“The Smile of the Child” set at the disposal of children its forces and tools in an effort to approach them via their own communication channels using the means of technology, social media and volunteerism.


More specifically:

·       YouSmile – an initiative of students-volunteers of “The Smile of the Child” (http://www.yousmile.gr/) is hosting web TV & Radio shows on bullying with the participation of teenagers.

·       Articles, researches, personal stories and data on the phenomenon of bullying will be uploaded in our website and social media.

·       A specialized team of Psychologists of our organisation will implement targeted interactive sessions to students, teachers and parents in elementary and secondary schools across Greece.

·       Odysseas, the 1st Mobile Lab of Information, Education and Technology will be stationed in the Municipality of Piraeus. Odysseas will be in front of the Municipal Theater from 5 to 12 March 2015 (from 9am-9pm) staffed with specialized personnel which will implement the interactive interventions on bullying to students, parents and teachers as well as to the general public.    

·       A press conference will take place on 5 March 2015 in the Municipal Theater of Piraeus on the occasion of the National Anti-bullying Day. During the conference statistical data on bullying in Greece and internationally will be presented.


Watch the spot created by YouSmilers, the students volunteers of “The Smile of the Child” here.


More articles, spots and data can be found in our website: www.hamogelo.gr 


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