“Safer Internet Day” by Microsoft Hellas and “The Smile of the Child”

A true digital story was brought to life while a fruitful conversation was held, with the use of a comic that was specially designed for the event and served the role of a creative tool Athens, 10th of February 2015 – Microsoft Hellas in collaboration with “The Smile of the Child” held a special event on the occasion of Safer Internet Day in order to raise awareness among young people on safety issues and the proper use of the internet.

Using a comic character that was created for the purposes of the event and under the message “Be Socially Safe” more than 120 high-school students took part in an interactive dialogue concerning safe internet and focusing on the use of Social Media.

Helen H. was the protagonist not only in the comic, but in this year’s event too. Through a comic-graphed story she narrated her experience following a clumsy behavior while she was on the internet. Under the encouragement of psychologists of “The Smile of the Child”, the students shared their personal experiences and highlighted the dangers that are lurking online such as cyberbullying, online addiction etc. Moreover, specialists advised students on privacy issues and brought up the positive features of new technologies and the ways that young people can use efficiently while keeping their identity safe at the same time.


Safer Internet Day is a European Union initiative and it is being held on a yearly basis, while it emphasizes on the responsible use of online technologies. This year’s message that every participating ambassador had to support was the “Let’s create a better internet together!” Microsoft Hellas embraces this activation by organizing events for more than 10 years, while the last five of them were held in collaboration with the organisation “The Smile of the Child”. This year the schools that participated in the event were the 1st junior high-school of Megara, the junior high-school of intercultural education of Acharnes, the 3rd professional high-school of Peristeri and Ralleion Female junior high-school, while there were others which participated online such as the junior high-school and the high-school of Kastelorizo, volunteers of YouSmile.gr platform and the students of high-school of Korinthos, which had the chance to participate through the first mobile Lab of Information, Education & Technology named “Odysseas”.

Costas Yannopoulos, Chairperson of “The Smile of the Child” stated: “It’s been an honor to be able to join our forces with Microsoft Hellas, organizing an event for the Safer Internet Day. “The Smile of the Child”, through its 20 years action, is standing by every child that is in danger and in need of help. Today this danger can also be found on the internet. Taking into account the needs of the children in our country, following the trend that technology is a basic educational tool and capitalizing its endless potential, “The Smile of the Child” created with the help of its sponsors, “Odysseas”, the first mobile Lab of Information, Education & Technology. Everybody has to protect the children and therefore educate them on the right use of the internet as well as the dangers that they might come across while using it. We secure a better future for children and young people by gaining their trust.”

Timos Platsas, PR & Citizenship Director of Microsoft Hellas, stated: “The internet has been in our lives with the purpose of helping us do thousands of things. This makes it a useful tool while it provides a digital portrait of our daily lives. Keeping the internet safe is highly important for all of us, not only for the children. The unwritten rules we follow in real life to keep us safe are also applied on the internet, where we have to use “filters” for the same purpose. Just like every year, Microsoft supports Safer Internet Day in collaboration with “The Smile of the Child”. This year we used a comic as a creative tool in order to bring up a true story that highlights the side-effects of misusing the internet.”

Photo material from the event can be found here

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