EAN participates at the Conference “Bullying 2.0” in Tuscany Region

On 12 December a conference on cyber-bullying was held on San Sepolcro (Tuscany Region). The conference mainly addressed students of secondary schools (more than 200 students attended the conference), but also teachers, principals, parents, social operators and parents associations. 

Maria Rita Bracchini  - Vice-President of the European Antibullying Network EAN, Ersilia Spena – Deputy Public Prosecutor and Walter Dell’Arciprete – Head Inspector of the Police Department contributed as speakers to the conference.

 In this framework Maria Rita Bracchini presented the European Antibullying Network, its aims and activities and underlined how the EAN contributes to:

  •  raising awareness of the problem of bullying and cyberbullying among the students and the general public;
  •  promoting preventive measures and mobilizing the civil society and public authorities active in the field of bullying; 
  •  supporting the European Commission in the development of targeted actions for the realization of a common strategy against bullying at European level;
  •  exchanging good practices and developing concrete anti-bullying actions and initiatives. 
  •  promoting the realization of European Anti-bullying Day “One Day in Europe, every Day for children”