React through Art:Approaching school violence and bullying through art

“React through Art: approaching school violence and bullying through art” Conference on 25 and 26 November in Athens

“The Smile of the Child” in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden will co-host a two-day conference on the role of art in tackling school violence and bullying on 25 and 26 November in the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

This event will take place under the framework of the European Anti-bullying Network (EAN) and the extensive work of “The Smile of the Child” on bullying prevention and coordination of anti-bullying actions on the national and European level as part of the EAN activities.

The representatives from Sweden come from academia, municipality social work and an NGO. The academic representatives will describe current research projects and evaluations of (national) programs to combat bullying in schools. The City of Stockholm representative will present a case study regarding a bullying problem and how the social services currently are handling it, while the organization FRIENDS will share their experience in combating bullying and actively working at schools, preschools and sports clubs.

Members from academia, field workers and NGO representatives from Greece will focus on the European policies against bullying and violence at schools and will analyse the defence mechanisms of the actors involved in the problem. Through experiential workshops that will take place during the conference the role of art in tackling bullying will be explored and models of interventions at schools will be presented.

More than 100 participants, mainly members of academia, education professionals, teachers, school councillors, psychologists and mental health practitioners are expected to attend and benefit from the dynamic sessions and experiential workshops on drama and psychotherapy techniques that will take place as part of the conference. The Documentary “Bullying Diaries” which was produced as part of the EAN project will be screened, as well as the theatrical performance “Blasted” that focus on the violence among minors. 

One of the important goals of the conference is to raise awareness on the phenomenon of bullying among the education community and the public in Greece.  The exchange of good practices and educational tools related to art in addressing bullying in Greece and Sweden as well as the empowerment of teachers, educators and students can give new impetus to the efforts to combat these serious issues on the national and European level.


The agenda of the event is available here.


For more information on this event you can contact “The Smile of the Child” on or 210 33 06 140.