Maria Grazia Cucinotta is supporting the establishment of a European Day against bullying

Maria Grazia Cucinotta, an Italian well-known actress, has joined the “One Day in Europe, every Day for children” campaign for the establishment of a European Anti-bullying Day.

Upon the invitation of our Italian partner Centro Studi Villa Montesca, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, very sensitive to the problem of bullying, expressed her willingness to come on board and share our initiative to collect signatures from citizens and civil society organizations in order to convince the European Commission to formalise a European Day against the phenomenon.

"The best strategy to combat bullying is prevention, the base of which should be the promotion of a cultural climate, social and emotional development and the establishment of one day dedicated to this growing phenomenon. This would be really important in order to spread awareness and identify forms of prevention" Maria Grazia Cucinotta said.