Pair speaks out after suicide of bullied friend

Theindychannel, 13/3/2014, USA

Two young victims of bullying are motivated to make a difference and are speaking up to help others before it’s too late. Grief counselors were working with students at a central Indiana middle school Thursday after a 14-year-old boy committed suicide.
Police said bullying was not part of their investigation, but friends of the teen said he was bullied for being gay. "People had been messing with him and picking on him, but he wouldn't tell anybody," Chris Scott said.

Scott knew the young suicide victim through a mutual friend. On Wednesday night he started a memorial page to collect comments to send to the boy's family. "My heart, prayers and sympathy go out to all of you. I'm so deeply sorry for your pain and pray for your comfort. You are not alone. Your community is behind you," one message said. Scott said he knows what it's like to be bullied. He and his friend Kyrah Denham are both home-schooled now -- after the bullying got too bad for them. The pair said despite schools' efforts, administrators just aren't doing enough to stop the problem.
"They had an anti-bullying workshop, which all it did was tell you what bullying was," Scott said. "They don't do anything. They say, 'We'll work it out,' but nothing changes," Denham said.
Last summer Scott and Denham decided to start their own campaign and website called Speak Up Now America.

They encourage kids to report bullying and they hope their message of awareness will help prevent future tragedies. "They (the bullies) see these kids hurt themselves and they know that they're the reason, but they keep doing it anyway until the kids break. And then they just move on to the next. It just doesn't end. It doesn't stop," Denham said.

Scott and Denham have several events planned for the spring and summer to help spread their anti-bullying message. They also make bracelets and T-shirts to spread the message to speak up.