Local children learn anti-bullying lessons from ju-jitsu programme

Antrim Times, 2/3/2014, Ireland

Antrim Ju-Jitsu Group of Shogun Ju-Jitsu International Ireland (S.J.J.I. Ireland) recently completed a number of very successful Sport Ju-Jitsu & Anti-Bullying courses for Ballycraigy Primary (Antrim), Mount St Michael’s Primary (Randalstown) and Round Tower Primary (Antrim) Schools. The courses included almost 200 local children who had a brilliant and very educational time during the courses. The curriculum of the courses is designed and coached by Paul Timperley (SJJI Ireland National Coach, 6th Dan Black Belt), partnered by Mandi Timperley (SJJI Ireland Coach, 2nd Dan Black Belt). Both Paul and Mandi come with NEELB Access NI Enhanced Clearances to teach children safely in all N.E. Schools.

The structure of the ‘Sport Ju-Jitsu for Schools’ programme is specifically for children in Primary Schools across Northern Ireland which focusses primarily on the school environment but also outside of it.The courses promote anti-bullying, Sport, Fitness, Health, Safety, Child Protection & Awareness for the children and their friends. The class structures allow everyone to participate and promotes equality welcoming girls and boys including special needs children. The fun classes are totally safe with NO contact or combat based sparring. On completion of the presentation ceremonies in the schools, there was very positive feedback from the school Principals who were all pleased to provide their input as follows:

Mrs R. Clarke, Principal of Round Tower Primary, stated: “We were delighted to have Ju-Jitsu for the first time in our school. 40 pupils in P4&5 took part and the same number registered in P6&7. Over the two courses, we were so impressed with the quality of tuition, the discipline within the hall and the eagerness of the children to attend each week.”

Mrs H. Edwards, Principal of Ballycraigy Primary, said: “We are delighted to have worked in partnership with Paul and Mandi. The diverse nature of the course enabled the children not only to gain some basic martial arts skills to help them stay safe and healthy both at school and at home but also to see that sport can be fun and enjoyable.”

Mr P. Lavery, Vice-Principal of Mount St Michael’s Primary, concludes: “P6/7 pupils in Mount St Michael’s enjoyed the latest Ju-Jitsu course held at the school. The courses are proving very popular as we have had over 120 pupils from P3-7 take part in the first two terms. It is a great way for pupils to get some healthy exercise and build their self-confidence. The anti-bullying teachings are very good.”

Delighted by these comments, Sensei Paul comments: “We would like to sincerely thank all the Principals, Vice-Principals and staff in each school for making us feel so welcome. We feel these most recent set of courses were extremely successful and the feedback from parents and children has been extraordinary.

“What is most important is the children ARE taking in the information of Anti-bullying and retaining it, which can only be a good thing for everyone. Our main goal is to support the schools in eradicating bullying, as there has to be a zero tolerance on this issue across the nation.”
If you are interested on the ‘Sport Ju-Jitsu for Schools’ Programme or would like general information on Ju-Jitsu, it can be obtained by contacting Irish National Coach Paul Timperley, direct on 07525 657880 or by visiting the New National Website on: www.shogun-jujitsu-ireland.com.