An initiative against bullying in the school-buses at its start!

The Municipality of Ancona and COOSS Marche are working together in an initiative to fight bullying in the school-buses, places where a lot of children are alone, without the control of any adults.

The initiative aims to help children to transform their aggressive behaviors in positive potential, with the aim, after proper training, to entrust the safety of the school-buses attendants to themselves. The initiative is involving students and teachers of a pilot school, the Comprehensive Institute “G.Rodari” in Ancona, with the objective to transfer the model to other schools in case of positive impact.

After a series of bilateral meetings between the Municipality referents and COOSS, on the 13/02/2014 the first technical meeting with the school took place, with 15 teachers participating. The program of the intervention was outlined and will be operatively defined in the occasion of the next meeting, at the beginning of March.