Inquest witness denies bullying rape claim soldier

ITV, United Kingdom 04/02/2014

The girlfriend of a solider accused of raping a Royal Military Police officer who took her own life denied bullying her and "making her life hell". Yesterday the inquest heard how Corporal Anne-Mare Ellement was branded a liar and bullied by colleagues after making the claims.

The female soldier told the hearing she could not remember calling Cpl Ellement a "f***ing slag" and a "liar" but that she "possibly" said it out of anger.

She said that at the time of the incident she was in a relationship with one of the two accused, Soldier A, but they had since split. She described hearing about the allegation at a funeral for a friend in the UK. As she got drunk in the evening she admitted becoming angry at Cpl Ellement. She said:

"Initially it was at both of them but as the day went on it was more towards Anne-Marie.
"It was such a shock, initially that was where I channelled the anger. I didn't believe Soldier A was capable of doing that."

When asked if she had called Cpl Ellement a slag and that she would "make her life hell", she replied: "It could have been possible, I can't remember it but I can't deny it."

She also asked her if she called her "a slag, a skank, a liar" to which she replied: "I could have but I can't remember so I can't confirm or deny."